Sipoo municipality’s interim premises solutions

In June, we started working with Sipoo municipality’s Sateenkaari dementia unit and acute and rehabilitation ward, which had to move temporarily to Mäntsälä. Around 60 patients and residents moved into the temporary premises, and we took care of their meals.

Some of the patients eat their meals without restrictions, but almost half of them need puréed food in addition to lactose-free and gluten-free diets.

When faced with big changes, things can take an unpleasant turn. Initially, employees nor patients didn’t like our meals, we understand the hassle of change and looked at our meals and the quality of them. We didn’t notice any discrepancies from before and after a few weeks the meals were praised.

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Taking account of food constraints

We are careful to ensure that the food is suitable for the end customer. For example, in acute care, the catering side reacts quickly to different food restrictions.

Food restrictions that we have taken into account:

  • Lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan
  • Puréed
  • Salt-free, certain food allergies e.g. fish, fresh carrots, onions, cabbages
  • Diet suitable for bile, & gout patients
  • Kidney patients with a very restricted diet. 

Help for difficult moments

Big changes are unpleasant for many parties and require a big investment in planning and scheduling. The Sipoo municipality’s interim premises solutions will take until next summer, but in case of a delay we are prepared to continue our arrangements.