Eating at home should be a pleasure

Healthy and easy meal service to support everyday life

Meals of your choice, delivered directly to your doorstep or to a loved one, in line with nutritional recommendations. Our meals are designed to support people’s daily lives and well-being. You can order meals according to your preferences and enjoy them when it suits you best. Made with love, our frozen meals contain no unnecessary preservatives and minimise waste. 

Through our service we want to support, for instance, elderly people to stay at home as long as possible. Meals are delivered directly to one’s home and can be stored in one’s own refrigerator or in one of our loaner service units.


Our catering service is designed to help everyone through the turmoil of everyday life. Through the experience we have gained, we are able to make it easier for seniors to eat at home. With an extensive menu, everyone will find their favourite! We have taken into account allergens and possible eating difficulties, so we also offer soft and mild food. 

You can choose the meals delivered by the catering service and store them in your own refrigerator or borrow a service unit from us, which includes a freezer and oven for heating. You can order your meals online, by phone or using the order form delivered to your home. You can easily start your customer relationship via the order form on our website or by giving us a call!

Do you need an automatic meal order? – With a Menumat meal service Premium subscription, you can manage your own or a loved one’s meal service conveniently and at a lower cost. With your subscription, we will automatically deliver 14 meals every 2 weeks directly to your door. 

Healthy and delicious meals

Delicious, varied and nutritious food – always fresh from the oven. Made in Finland, with our own recipes, with nutritional values in line with nutritional recommendations and Menumat’s control over product development and quality control – the food is what it is promised to be. Our domesticity rate averages 70-80% for our ingredients and 100% for our services.

Service device

Cooking should be easy and safe. With our Menumat device, we make it possible for everyone to do this in their own home. Freedom of choice about what to eat and when to eat increases wellbeing – you eat better when your favourite foods are always available and you can eat on your own schedule. Food is always stored safely at home and a hot, delicious home-cooked meal is easy to prepare.


 The starter kit includes

  • 14 Chef’s recommended meals
  • 14 desserts
  • Option to borrow a service device
  • Home delivery
  • No commitment
  • 176,60 €

The price of the package for the home care support service client varies according to the meal prices of the municipality.

Order terms:

Meal prices for a private client include the service in full; food, delivery, service equipment.

  • No commitment obligation after the initial package.
  • Start promptly within 1 to 5 business days of order date (depending on location).

Meals only

  • At least 12 meals in one delivery

  • Home delivery

  • No commitment

  • Price according to the number of meals ordered

Order terms:

  • Start promptly within 1 to 5 business days of order date (depending on location).

  • No commitment required

Premium Customer

Standing subscription

  • 30 meals per month
  • Service equipment loan option
  • Home delivery every 2 weeks
  • No commitment
  • 300,00 € /month


Order terms:

  • Price 245 €/month includes the service in full; meals (up to 30 meals/month), home delivery every two weeks, Menumat meal service device.
  • The monthly fee will be invoiced by paper invoice (e-invoice or direct debit) in arrears.
  • Start promptly within 1 to 5 working days of order date (depending on location).
  • No commitment period after the starter package.
  • Premium subscription can be cancelled by notifying customer service as soon as possible before the next order is placed.

Our service in a nutshell.


  • A range of around 70 mouth-watering and healthy home-cooked meals (weighing approx. 400 g) in a Menumat service unit with freezer and oven for storing and heating food.


  • Contact our customer service by email or by phone 020 7961550 with contact details for meal delivery and billing
  • Start of service in Uusimaa within 1-2 days, elsewhere in Finland according to regional schedule
  • Meal deliveries usually every 2 weeks, minimum 12 meals per week

How does it work?

  • Meals are stored in the Menumat device. When the meal time is approaching, the desired meal is selected from the Menumat freezer and placed in the oven as it is. The meal is ready in about 30 minutes. Menumat guides the user in a pleasant male voice from heating to cooking.

What is needed?

  • The Menumat device, which is brought to your home when you start the service

Price and payment methods?

  • Meals delivered to your home and including the use of the service device 8,20 – 11,90 €/  per item (incl. VAT 14%)
    Payment methods: invoice, various online payment methods


Our menu is updated twice a year and you can easily find it by clicking the button below! You can easily place your meal order by using the menu and giving it to a member of staff at the time of delivery. 

Customer experiences.